Georgia is a magnificent, hospitable country where the tourist industry and modern international business are perfectly developing. Investors are attracted not only by visa-free entry, lack of a language barrier, high-class service, affordable prices, wonderful cuisine, and a wonderful subtropical climate, but also by the establishment of international business relations and cooperation through numerous economic reform initiatives, and a high level of integration with international markets


Georgia presents itself as an attractive place for foreign investment, developing a powerful legal system which protects the rights of investors. Important factors for creating a serious business environment in Georgia are: the introduction of low tax rates, simple and loyal tax legislation and, especially, the formation of a government that has won corruption, as well as a stable and efficient banking environment, a stable electricity supply with competitive prices, flexible labour legislation and a very low crime level


Georgia has a unique location at the intersection of several major economic regions with convenient access to the Black Sea. Due to the factors listed above, the country is positioning itself as an important “gateway” for Western markets leading to the markets of the Caspian region and Central Asia and in the opposite direction. Despite its small territory and relatively modest economy, Georgia has a wide range of investment opportunities in a number of business and economic sectors, including:

Power industry
IT and communications
Banking and Finance
Health & Pharmaceutics
Real Estate
Free Industrial and Special Zones

Georgia means:

1. Associate Member of the European Union with a rapidly developing pro-Western course

2. Strategic location

3. Liberal tax and business legislation

4. High international rating and investment potential

5. Stable and growing banking sector

6. Free trade (European Union, Turkey, CIS, China)

7. Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties with 55 countries

8. Absence of an automatic information exchange system

9. No foreign currency exchange controls

10. The ideal subtropical climate and living conditions